– We are grouped to create a project which should benefit the overall use of healthy organic products.
– We agreed with a team of programmers to create a block-chain product.
– We chose for the name “Agri Novus”.
– Our Design geek started with the overall design.
– The devs started with the creation of the block-chain.
– Implementing of the block-chain.
– Writing and producing of the actual wallets.
– Start of the block-chain.
– Publishing of the board topic.
– Publishing of the airdrop/give away topic for social awareness.
– Publishing of our social media channels
– Connectivity to several mining pools.
– Connectivity to a block-explorer.
– Paid submissions to 1 or more bitcoinexchanges for listing.
– Launch on the first bitcoinexchange
– Launch on the second bitcoinexchange.
– Connectivity from our block-chain to a merchant account.
– Marketing team working on gathering the first b2b companies to accept Agri Novus coin.
– b2c based give away to all their customers to attract them to pay with Agri Novus.
– Local initiatives to increase the awareness and value of the entire project to the next level.